Selected Topics in Wireless Security

Prof. Angelos Keromytis
Columbia University, USA

  1. Distributed Defense in Wireless MANET Environments: in this lecture, we will discuss network security problems specific to MANETs, approaches to mitigating some of these, and problem areas open to research.
  2. Behavior-based Access Control in Wireless Networks: we will discuss different means for controlling access to and identifying malicious participants in wireless networks of various kinds.
  3. Detecting Attackers in and via Wireless Networks: we will discuss the use of decoys and honeytokens as a means to identify stealthy adversaries, with wireless networks serving as a motivating case and application scenario.
  4. Anonymity in Wireless Networks: we will cover the challenges in ensuring anonymous communication in wireless networks, and techniques for addressing these.
  5. Collaborative Software Defenses: we will discuss ways in which hosts can improve their security posture by sharing the cost of monitoring for and defending against software attacks.

Security of the World-Wide Deployed Cellular Network

Prof. Jean-Pierre Seifert
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Germany.

  1. Introduction: This lecture will give a thorough introduction into the cellular GSM system and the corresponding handset devices/systems, and lay the foundations of the course.
  2. DOS attacks: This lecture will focus on vulnerabilities of the GSM network itself and present some practical Denial of Service Attacks against GSM networks.
  3. SMS and MMS fun: This lecture will present vulnerabilities which are due to the ubiquitous use of SMS and MMS in our daily life.
  4. Hijacking mobile data connections: We will show what an attacker is able to achieve/gain by hijacking mobile data connections.
  5. Defence mechanisms: This lecture will present novel cellular handset architectures to defend against the above new mobile internet threats specifically targeting cellular handsets.
  6. Live demonstrations: We will introduce some open source developments to run your own real GSM network and demonstrate on such a network some of the above network based attacks.